Project Management Professional Career Preparation and Its Importance

Many individuals are continuously searching for ways to advance their careers and up their game in becoming ready and suitable for the next level, whether for better-earning potential or other benefits. Meanwhile, each profession has its own unique considerations and requirements. For project manager enthusiasts, one of the steps is to become Project Management Professional (PMP®) certified.

PMP® certification opens up myriad avenues to learn new skills that will inadvertently enhance your knowledge and career growth opportunities. But, passing the PMP® exam is not easy, as you have to take many hours of study and preparation. You will also need to master the required materials and understand the entirety of the fundamentals of the methodology used in this profession.

Ordinarily, this seems like a logical step anyone would take, but many are laid back because they are unsure if it is worth the time and cost. The Project Management Institute (PMI®) has particular laid-down rules and requirements that one must pass to qualify for the exam. Preparing for the exam is an absolute necessity because even with enough preparation, the exam is expensive and rigorous. So, the question of whether or not it is worth it cannot be overemphasized. By earning a PMP® certification, you have the leverage to learn and apply essential hard and soft skills, including leadership, organization, team management, resources management, problem-solving, conflict resolution, time management, and communication.

The saying goes, “luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Do you want to be seen as “lucky”? You have to put in the work in terms of adequate preparation, and given the existent opportunities in the profession, we believe your best days are just yet to come.

Demand for project managers and requirements to become a certified PMP®

There is no denying that the roles and responsibilities of a project manager indicate that it is a job role to reckon with. As many businesses are resorting to projects, they are looking to hire these stellar personalities to gain a competitive advantage over others in the industry.

The demand for certified project management professionals is growing. In a recent analysis commissioned by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), a growth of 33% (nearly 22 million jobs) was estimated through the year 2027. This analysis indicates how high demand equals more opportunities for you to advance your career in project management and, of course, earn more.

The advantage of earning more money is enough motivation to consider the Project Management profession. According to the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report, the North American IT professional earns $109,985 per annum, while those with a PMP certification exam earn more, around $129,457.

The benefits of becoming PMP® certified are incredibly numerous, both to your career, your outlook as an individual, and your ability in the industry. Among these are credibility, higher salary potential, better job opportunities, increased networking opportunities, mastery of the language of project management, access to more challenging projects, versatility to work in any industry, job security, international recognition, and adding value to the company, among others. These are some of the top benefits of taking the PMP exam and getting the certification.

Tip! A new mobile app can help you prepare for and ace the PMP® exam!

Again, cracking the exam undoubtedly requires a great deal of preparation and commitment. This act is inevitable regardless of your experience and education because we have seen how people with more than a decade of PM experience have failed because they undermined the critical difference between being a successful PM and successfully passing the PMP exam. On average, most successful PMP candidates spend a minimum of 35 hours preparing for the exam.

This preparation usually includes reviewing the examination content outline, enrolling in a formal study course, preparing a study plan, reviewing the last edition of the PMBOK® Guide and other study materials, practicing mock sample tests, and joining a study group. These are indeed arduous to follow through with, but with the advent of the new mobile app “PM Teacher®, you can get a handful of these things seamlessly.

With this new technology, you can prepare for the PMP® exam and, after passing, stay up-to-date in your profession regarding the necessary information and details you need to enhance your career in this illustrious profession.

  • Features of the PM Teacher® Mobile App

As we have in other fields, the introduction of new technology is having a significant impact on project management. Nowadays, it is not strange to find project teams increasingly using mobile technologies and apps to collaborate and communicate remotely. Some apps are also built to help the project manager stay updated on priorities and tasks as they evolve. But what characterizes the “PM Teacher app, and why should you consider it for your PMP preparation and career?

  • Daily Project Management Mindset

“PM Teacher” is a daily tool that brings you into the PM mindset and keeps you conversant with the profession’s language, principles, and rules. It allows users to save relative project management, business, and leadership quotes for later by simply adding the quote to the list of their favorite quotes.

  • Project Management and Business Vocabulary

You can build your project management and business vocabulary and understanding with the app, where you receive a word and definition for the day. In the space of 1 month, you will have mastered at least 30 different PM terms. And the next time you encounter such words, they are not foreign. Whenever you’re waiting in line, pop open the study cards! The search process is simple and seamless- if you want to know the meaning of a project management term, you can search for it in its extensive project management dictionary.

  • Monthly Newsletter

You have full access to our FREE newsletter, containing informative articles from experts from around the world. These articles range from topics on business, leadership, project management tools and techniques, communication, risk management, team development, technologies, human resources, conflict resolution, tips, tricks and more!

  • Daily Challenge Question

Another prized feature of the “PM Teacher®” app is the daily notification of a challenge question, a multiple-choice question that’s timed and very similar to those you will find on the real PMP® certification exam. These questions are strategically designed and arranged to help keep your mind sharp – whether in preparation for the exam or to stay up-to-date with the profession.

  • PM Quiz & Test Module

What about the Test Module? This feature offers a variety of timed quizzes and exams where you are tested on your project management knowledge to help you think on your feet and determine if you are ready for the exam.

When you pass your quizzes, you can share the “Congratulatory PASS Badge” on social media to showcase your win to the world and tell your friends that you have done the seemingly impossible thing.

  • If You Want That Edge

After passing the PMP exam, you will find yourself in the league of winners delivering top-notch services within the illustrious profession. But to attain a worthy badge, you have to put in the work. Thankfully, the “PM Teacher® app is the perfect tool to help you achieve this major milestone.

Whether employed in an organization or a freelancer working towards fulfilling the project management education and work experience requirements, remember to take advantage of this new app. That way, you can get through your preparation naturally. Why not get that extra advantage of honing your knowledge and skills in project management?

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